Wednesday, May 20, 2009

17 May 2009 Campbellville Ontario

I got up and decided to stay another two days at the KOA. Then I decided to find my motorcycle drop off point for real. I was shipping my motorcycle with AIR TRANSAT and sure didn’t know what to expect. The address is: CAS Canada Inc. – GTAA (Cargo West – Infield) – 2710 Britannia Road East - Building 2 – Entrance 5 – Mississauga, Ontario. I followed the directions and found it fairly easy. I also met some of the staff who were friendly, and as friendly gesture gave me some more papers to fill out. I said "oh no, not more paper work!" I took it back to the campground and left it lay. I also stopped at Walmart and picked some luggage tags, stopped at a hardware store picked up a hose clamp that had broken on my black storage tube. I also washed the bike. I was told to have a clean bike before shipping and later found out that it wasn’t that big of a requirement. One of guys who worked in shipping said they shipped bikes covered in mud. I just rolled my eyes.

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