Wednesday, May 20, 2009

16 May 2009 Campbellville Ontario

I left Port Huron and crossed the Canadian border at Sarnia. I stopped for gas just before crossing, and when I paid for the gas I asked the lady behind the counter how friendly the border officials were and she suggested I don’t sass them. Duh. Of course it was raining, so when the border guard asked for my passport I had to dig through four layers to get to it. He asked me if I was carrying any cigarettes, weapons or drugs. I said, no, and that I was traveling around the world on my motorcycle and couldn’t afford to have problems with customs personnel. He gave me a bewildered look and waved me on. I stopped by the Canadian currency shop and picked up some Canadian money. From there I rode to London, Ontario on Hwy 402 and then on to Toronto, Ontario. I stayed in the Campbellville KOA about 25 minutes west of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. When I arrived at the KOA it was pouring rain and miserable. I couldn’t open up my packs for fear of rain getting in and dampening my clothes and getting into my paperwork. So I rented a cabin, unloaded my bike and got out of the rain. I used the KOA computer to look up the directions to my motorcycle drop off location. The computer was incredibly slow and the KOA lady behind the counter helped me out. We eventually downloaded the directions. One of the side effects of riding in the rain, especially when it’s warm out, is you perspire inside of the rainsuit. Depending how long that goes on you get the wet dog smell going on and I smelled liked a wet dog. I could smell myself. I was hoping not to offend the KOA lady while she was looking over my shoulder. My plan was to find this drop off location so when it came time to drop off the red beauty, no problems would be encountered. I also had to make arrangements to haul my motorcycle to AIT TRANSAT. I was checking out a Kawasaki Dealership and found this business, which specializes in hauling motorcycles. So I rang him up and made arrangements. I didn’t care for his price but he could haul the bike if it was raining out. That was a big selling point with me.

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