Wednesday, May 20, 2009

19 May 2009 Toronto Ontario

I got up, took a shower and got ready to have my gear and motorcycle transported to AIR TRANSAT. Motolimo was scheduled to arrive at 12 p.m.. So I had everything ready to go and Roy the driver arrives 15 minutes early. When he gets out of the Dodge truck I could have sworen Paul Tupper just stepped out. He had Paul nailed down to a tee except his face was different. I jumped in the truck and we went down to my cabin to pick up my bags and Roy says "you got all that on that Kawasaki?" I said yes and I knew I was over-packed when I included the extra rear tire. I put everything into his crew cab and we went back and loaded the red beauty. He was genuinely impressed with how my bike looked. While he off-loaded the pallet from his truck I took the cover off and packed it away. I then rolled it onto the pallet and locked it in the front wheel stanchion. We then pulled it down with four hold down straps. With everything looking good and a push of a button, the pallet was pulled into the back of the truck, ready for transport. I took a few pictures of my bike sitting on the truck before we departed for the airport. We made good time getting there. It was a big help that I knew exactly where to go once we entered the airport. We were on the inside of the runway and you could watch all the airplanes land. Anyway, once there I jumped out of the truck and told Roy to wait until I got back. I also told him I didn’t know how long this would take and asked him not to leave. Once I got inside the paperwork went pretty fast: maybe 10-15 minutes and then they told me bring in my bike. Roy backed his truck up the ramp into the warehouse and we unloaded the bike inside. The guys driving forks trucks and moving freight were pretty impressed with how the motorcycle unloaded out of the box. We removed the tie down straps and rolled the bike off the pallet. They told me to roll the bike on the scale to weigh it. I held my breath that I didn’t go over 235 Kg. It weighed in at 210 Kg/462 Lbs well under estimated weight so I didn’t have to pay any additional shipping charges. I got one more shipping document from the supervisor and then Roy drove me to the Radisson Suite Hotel Toronto Airport. I checked in and headed to the room. Oh, what a nice room. Guess what I did next? I pulled out my computer and started to update my journal. It was a few day behind.

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