Wednesday, May 20, 2009

18 May 2009 Campbellville Ontario

There were three things I needed to get done today: 1) fill out the paperwork for AIR TRANSAT, 2) Change the oil in my motorcycle, 3) Unload the bike and 4) Put everything into my bags to ship everything to London. The KOA staff was really helpful and let me get away with a few sins that normally aren’t allowed most campgrounds. I cut a deal with them: if they let me change my oil I would give them about four gallons of gasoline. They bought into it and let me keep my motorcycle in their shed overnight after I worked on it. The toughest part about the whole day was unloading the motorcycle and putting all my gear/stuff into two bags for flight to London. That almost took me four hours. Keeping track of everything seems to be the biggest issue. Then I sat down and tackled the shipping paperwork. They mostly wanted then shipper's name and address – shipping destination, address and telephone number. The last thing they wanted was the weight, length, width and height of the motorcycle. That had me surfing the internet for dry weight of the bike less saddle bags/panniers and top box. I found it. Then I remembered "oh crap I sent all that info to Motorcycle Express when they were processing the air bill". The weight I sent Motorcycle Express was 205 Kg/451 lbs and when I checked the air bill my shipping weight was list as 235 Kg/517 lbs. Anything over 517 lbs I would have to pay extra. And EXTRA is a word I’m hearing way too much of in most of my conversations. Feeling relieved I wasn’t going to have to pay an add-on fee, I went to bed.

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